ATASC Presidents’ Message:

ATASC Presidents’ Message: ATASC Board for 2010

Vega Sankur – ATASC President

Ersin Sengul – OCTAA President and representative

Hafize Turgut – TALL Co-President and representative (with Naime Berkoz)

Leyla Cohen – VATAN President and representative

Aytac Biber – ATASC-SD President and representative

Vedat Aslay – LATAA President and representative

Sevda Kupoglu Alexkson – ATASC Vice President

Ergun Tamer – Chief Financial Officer

Burcu Tansu – Corporate Secretary

Ayse Sule Ulubay – Member at large – Treasurer

Asuman Yilmaz – Member at large – Special Events

Tolga Yaprak – Member at large – Communication

We are all very excited to serve as volunteers to the Turkish American community whether in ATASC or in an ATASC chapter. We all agree on mutual support and total cooperation between chapters themselves and between the chapters and ATASC. We developed our 2010 goals in this spirit and agreed on the division of activities that are complementary to best serve you.

Four ATASC schools  are ready to educate the next generation in Turkish language, history and culture.  The volunteers at each chapter put their hearts and souls into these schools. I hope that you will join us in this effort by enrolling your children and/or volunteering for these schools. Furthermore, we are preparing a Children’s Festival on 18th of April in Long Beach to celebrate the Turkish Children’s Bayram.

One of the goal sof new ATASC Board is to keep you, ATASC community, better informed of ATASC issues as well as happenings in your local chapters. You are hearing from ATASC periodically in such and/or joint communications with your chapter presidents. We also just opened this group in Facebook to keep up you up to date facebook. We are awaiting your feedback about what is working, what can be done better.

Vega Sankur
ATASC President for the ATASC Board.