ATASC June/July 2012 Newsletter

ATATÜRK Monument In Carson, Los Angeles

This is a historical opportunity. We have an offer to erect a monument (memorial) for Ataturk in the City of Carson, near Los Angeles, in a public green space dedicated to inspirational leaders of the world. This will educate and inspire our young Turkish Americans as well as the American public on the greatness of Ataturk and the Turkish Independence War followed by the Turkish Republic and its reforms. Mr. Ahmet Atahan (TADF executive comm. member), Mr. Ahmet Onerbay (LATAA President) and Dr. Vega Sankur (ATASC President) met with Mr. Jim Dear (Mayor of City of Carson) and Ms. Charlotte Arrick (Planning Staff, City of Carson). City of Carson mayor is very knowledgeable about Ataturk and his accomplishments. We all decided to move forward with the Ataturk Monument of course contingent on the support of Turkish American community and finding enough funding.

The mayor mentioned that the locations are in a first come first reserved basis. Phillipine Americans already designed a monument and are in the process of constructing it. The cost for this was roughly $80K. (a very rough estimate). However, the impact will be priceless.
Please join us to support such a monument in American soil, in Los Angeles especially to boost. We need your ideas, your plans, your financial support, your fundraising skills, etc to make this dream come true. We will hold a couple of meetings (telecom will be available) so that as many of you and/or the people you designate can join us for this very worthwhile project. If you want to be a part of thıs campaıgn, please e-mail us at


2012 ATASC Republic Day Ball 

2012 ATASC Republic Day Ball is going to be on October 20, 2012, in Long Beach Hyatt Hotel; same place, at the same time. We have a special program for you by Ilhan Sami Ozulu. More details and invitations will be coming in August. Let us all enjoy another wonderful Republic Day Ball in 2012.


ATASC Turkish Business Directory Now Open

ATASC is offering another service to be of more value to our community. How many times do we hear  “Is there a Turkish speaking doctor, lawyer, dentist, pharmacist,. etc..? We are trying to build an easily accessible user friendly SC Turkish Business Directory. If you want to list your business, go to the  ATASC website, click under Directory and follow the instructions.  It will not immediately appear until ATASC Webmaster edits and approves it.

If you are a member of ATASC and paid your 2012 dues, please let our webmaster know in the comments section (which chapter). If you are not a member, please donate $50 to ATASC using the Donation button and Paypal or credit card or send in a $50 dollar check written to ATASC. Webmaster then will approve your ad. ATASC reserves the right to edit and approve or not to approve any listing.