Atatürk Week

ATATURK WEEK opened on Nov 9 with a cocktail party/fundraiser “Unveiling the Ataturk Bust” at Residence for Ataturk Week. We have a beautiful bust as you can see in picture. We continued the “WEEK” by moment of silence in front of the Ataturk on November 10 at 9:05 am. Professor  George Gawrych, author of “Young Ataturk” had 4 lectures planned around SC. The first one was at CSUN that was cancelled due to disturbing acts by some Armenians protesting Turkey. The lecture at Chapman went well until again the same gang of Armenians disturbed the peace. We continued the lecture after the room was cleared by campus security. The one at San Diego was eventless. The same people also tried to disturb the lecture at Camarillo, but could not. The attendee’s let them scream outside while they enjoyed the lecture inside. I am glad the week is over. I want to thank all community members who supported this “WEEK” by attending events, lectures or by donating funds. On the positive side we had at least 3 very insightful lectures by Prof. Gawrych (out of 4), were able to commemorate Ataturk in OC and SD venues, were able to educate 50 Americans on his great leadership. Overall, it was a productive and inspiring week for me. On the negative side, I am angry that we were disturbed during our commemorations/lectures. There are a lot of lessons learned during this week for me. So stay tuned. Videos are at ATASC FB page.