ATASC Board of Directors’ Response to President Biden’s Statement

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ATASC - American Turkish Association of Southern California | Logo

To Biden Administration:

We, Turkish Americans are very disturbed by President Biden’s purposeful use of political power over truth and lack of historical knowledge.  He is lending credence to misleading claims of Armenians. He has disregarded historical facts, archives and documents (see conclusions of foremost world authorities on the Ottoman History of that era such as Professors S. Shaw, B. Lewis, J. McCarthy and G. Lewy). President Biden ignored the treasonous activities of Ottoman Armenians Parties that led to this tragedy.

We, Turkish Americans, also mourn for the human tragedy that took place in 1915, when so many Ottoman Armenians, as well as our ancestors who were Muslims, Christians and Jews lost their lives and suffered before, during, and after the Ottoman Government’s decision to relocate Armenians in Eastern Anatolia.

The Turkish Americans are deeply concerned that President J. Biden’s wrong declaration will increase on-going harassments and hate crimes by  Armenians toward us. As a result, our civil rights and freedoms will be violated even more.

We call on the US President to correct his historical mistake and remind ex-Secretary of State John Kerry’s warning: “full facts with respect to the allegations of genocide must be ultimately brought to light by an independent investigation and through formal legal determination made by a competent court or tribunal.” In fact, the highest court in Europe, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), rejected the genocide claims of Armenians, ruling that their claims were opinion, not fact, and that they could not be compared to the Holocaust.

ATASC Board of Directors

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