ATASC Election Report from Jan 27, 2013 ATASC Assembly

ATASC General Assembly and Election were held on January 27, 2013 at Burton W. Grace Park in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, California.

Notices about the election were issued to our community via ATASC’s website, Facebook page, and constant messenger, including details about the candidacy deadline and qualifications required for candidates. Candidates had to be members in good standing, who had served on a Chapter Board for a minimum of 1 year. The deadline for announcing candidacies was January 20, 2013. Chapters ran this information in their online letters or posted it on their website.

Every ATASC, TALL, OCTAA, ATASC-SD, VATAN-SC and LATAA member in good standing (i.e. membership renewed through 2012) was eligible to vote in the election through either direct or proxy ballots. All chapters brought their paid-up membership lists and previously sent them to Hafize Turgut.  The good standing of members in attendance, as well as all proxies was verified by checking the lists.

 A quorum was achieved by the members present and the proxies in hand. The assembly then proceeded and,

–        Absolved the Chief Financial Officer for the 2012 Financial Report, and

–        Absolved the Board of Directors for their activities of 2011 through 2012.

The election for the four open positions on the ATASC Board of Directors was carried out according to the current Bylaws.

The following candidates were elected by acclamation, through a show of hands:

  1. President -Elect and Vice-Chairman of the BOD: Burcu Tansu – 2 year term
  2. At-large Board Member: Mehmet Tazebay – 2 year term
  3. At-large Board Member: Tolga Yaprak – 2 year term
  4. Chief Financial Officer: Burak Tuncer – 2 year term
Hafize Turgut replaced Vega Sankur as the ATASC President for the next two years. Vega Sankur will continue on the Board as the Past President. By the unanimous decision of the ATASC Board, Leyla Cohen was appointed as an additional Member-at-Large at the first BOD meeting on February 17, 2013 to replace Burcu Tansu who was elected as President Elect..

We congratulate our new BOD members, and would like to thank all members who participated in this election.


ATASC Election Committee 2013

We thank Atika Hanim for donating trays of delicious MANTI to enjoy, and Ms.  Burcu Unsal of UCLA NLP talk on ‘Leadership and Non-Profits’ during ATASC GA and Elections