ATASC Board cordially invites you to ATASC General Assembly 2022 for a report on ATASC 2021 activities followed by the ATASC election.

This event will be held on Sunday, February 6th, between 10 am to 1 pm @ AKM and via Zoom.
This is a one-time event held every year. ATASC and all its chapters report the previous year’s activities and future plans including their financials to the ATASC membership. The membership then absolves BoD and endorses the plans. 

In addition, this year, members will elect four (4) open Board of Director positions. All open positions are members-at-large positions. These members can specialize in fields like IT, Public Advocacy, PR, Event planning, and/or fill in where necessary. 
We are expecting all ATASC members to attend and be part of this event.

If you are interested or you want to nominate someone for one of the positions, please apply to with a short CV and a paragraph indicating “why” you are interested in serving in the ATASC Board. ATASC election committee will confirm the electability of the candidates based on current ATASC bylaws describing the requirements. Each candidate must be a member in good standing of our ATASC (should hold paid membership status with any of ATASC Chapters) and have served at least 1-year in the “ATASC/Chapter Boards.” Our election committee will contact you as soon as your submission of your candidacy.

The New Board will meet immediately after the election and select the secretary from among the MAL’s. The MAL’s focus on ATASC needs to be IT, advocacy, PR, social media, event planning, and special projects, and so on.
Only ATASC members in good standing can vote during the ATASC Board elections. If a member in good standing cannot attend the meeting but wants to vote, he/she can give a proxy to another member in good standing to vote in their place.

ATASC General Assembly and Election 2022
10:00 am AKM/Zoom
• Opening of the meeting by ATASC President• Roll Call and Establishing Quorum • Approval of Agenda by the GA• President’s Report (10 min) • Treasurer’s Report• Approval of financial report by GA • Reports from Chapter Presidents (5 min each)  ATASC-SD, OCTAA , TWI, TALL, ATAMLA,   LATAA, VATAN• Absolving the Current BOD by GA
12:00 pm
• Short Introduction of Candidates (2 min each) • Open Voting • Adjournment

ZOOM LINK: ATASC General Assembly and Election
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Date & Time: February 6th,10:00 am-1:00 pm (pst)Location: AKM & ZOOM